Info for Individual Runners or Teams

General information about the First State Duathlon


Signing up for the first state duathlon

We anticipate most athletes will be competing in the full duathlon (all three of the run, bike, and run legs). To sign up as an individual, you will simply click on the individual competitor event option on the registration page. For those runners who are part of an organization (or a group of friends) and wanted to compete together in all three events, you are more than welcome to do so (even as a team or organization) but you will be scored individually.

The only team scoring category will be for the separate 2-person and 3-person relay teams. To sign up as a 2-person or 3-person team, simply click on that option when you're on the registration page. Note: You will have to pay for your other teammates when you register for this option.

Whether you are an individual, a 2-person team, a 3-person team, or a team with multiple individual, 2-person, and 3-person squads, all competitors can choose to raise money for their favorite nonprofit as part of the Summer Delaware Charity Challenge Race to Raise fundraising competition. Halfway through the registration process you will have the option to join or create a fundraising page and designate your favorite nonprofit entity.

We encourage all competitors to raise money for their favorite cause through the Race to Raise. You will be able to see the fundraising teams, who they are raising money for, and how much they are raising (in real time) on the First State Duathlon fundraising page.