Course Map

The map for the First State Duathlon course at Bellevue State Park is provided below. The first leg distance is a 5K (3.1 miles) on the Bellevue State Park cross country trail. The second leg distance consists of three ~3.2K loops (2.35 miles each) (total approximately ~7 miles). The third leg will be a shorter (approximately 0.8 mile) leg along the oval track/trail. The arrows in the map below show the direction for each leg. The transition area is at the start of the cross country course. The finish line is near an open picnic area so it will be easy to see everyone finish and cheer on your friends who are competing. Awards will be announced in the area near the finish line. 

The total distance for the entire race will be approximately 11 miles. We have developed this event so that it is a fun and competitive race for any skill level. 

In previous years, the fastest competitors (men and women) finished the course in less than an hour. The slowest competitors finished the course in under two hours. The records/results (linked here) are a good way to gauge the event’s competitiveness. It’s a lot of fun.

This map reflects the First State Duathlon course at Belleveue State Park. Click to see or download the PDF of the map here.